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Agnès Bardel, Lawyer in Business Law


I maintain a close relationship with my clients which allows me to be focused on their needs to adapt my services to their requirements.

Rigorous and very committed to my clients’ projects, I advise them while respecting the deadlines that we have set together.

Advise the Leader

My role is to assist and advise the leader, the chief financial officer and operational staff across France on the legal issues of their business so that they can focus on their core business.

My principal areas of activity:

Company law: incorporation of companies, drafting of minutes, reports, keeping of compulsory registers, approval of annual accounts, statutory changes (closing date, corporate purpose, etc.), transfer of registered office, capital increases and reductions, transfers of shares, drafting of shareholders agreements, etc.

Legal audit: contractual audit, corporate audit

Insurance: audit of insurance policies with a view to optimizing cover and rates

Negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts: service contract, sales contract, purchase contract, partnership agreement, commercial lease, professional lease, memorandum of understanding, etc.

Legal training for management or employees: for example « how to secure the signing of a contract »


Immersion in your company


For clients that do not have an internal legal department or are experiencing temporarily reduced staffing (eg, the departure of the head of legal on maternity or sick leave), I make myself available to your company to deal with all current legal files or future projects on an « as needed » basis.

Depending on your situation, we define together the scope and the duration of the assignment.

My experience allows me to be immediately operational and to identify quickly the priorities.

For example, I will review the different contracts in order to identify those that may need to be renewed, renegotiated or terminated as a matter of urgency.

I will also review litigation to determine matters presenting risk and establish, in consultation with the management and the departments concerned, a strategy for limiting the risk.

I also offer to effect the conclusion of customer and supplier contracts in order to prevent future disputes. With regard to the debt recovery, it may be useful to review the collection procedure to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Finally, I can perform a legal audit and suggest solutions. For example, I can check that the legal corporate documentation of your company is current and compliant and that the compulsory registers are up to date and complete, or even carry out an audit of insurance policies to make sure that there are no coverage shortfalls.

In addition, my experience in business taught me to work in a team and I am an experienced team manager.

Immersion in your business, which allows me to know and understand the context and the functioning of your business even better, has the advantage of providing you with advice and a service that is totally focused on your circumstances.

Support your company in its compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)


Since May 25, 2018, all companies (but also government, communities, associations) must comply with the GDPR to ensure the protection of personal data collected and processed in the course of their activities.

The process of compliance and taking into account data protection when designing products and services (privacy by design) can constitute a real competitive advantage for the company. This is particularly the case in the context of responses to tender offers when points are awarded for taking into account compliance with the GDPR.

In the event of an inspection, the sanctions can be heavy and the regulator (la CNIL) has not hesitated to impose fines ranging from several tens of thousands to several hundred thousand euros.

It is interesting to note that the regulator’s control strategy for 2020 concerns health data, geolocation for local services as well as cookies and other tracers.

I advise you in the steps to be taken to ensure your compliance, such as creating a record of processing activities, sorting your data, informing the persons concerned and allowing them to exercise their rights, implementing an IT security policy, and making your employees aware of these procedures.

Having completed a training course offered by Anaxil/DPMS Group in April 2020, I can also, if necessary, be designated as a the external Data Protection Officer for your company (consult me to find out if your business is concerned).

Your counsel in an international context

My professional experience, which includes work for European companies with multilingual and multisite teams, allows me to work in English and respond to the international issues of my clients.

I am used to explaining French law in English, participating in negotiations in English and reviewing or drafting a contract in English.