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Agnès Bardel, Lawyer in Business Law

My values

A business partner for your company

I am convinced that my legal expertise is necessary but not sufficient. I know the importance of knowing my client’s business, its specificities, its financial and commercial challenges, the shareholder strategy, its purchasing and QHSE policy, its HR needs and, above all, its operational issues. To understand them is to provide balanced and appropriate advice and, where necessary, to prepare a comprehensive defense.

For this reason, throughout my career, I have always privileged the operational aspect of the legal function to be a true partner of the entrepreneur.

With this in mind, I seek to free you from legal constraints so that you can focus on developing your business.

By guiding you in the decision-making and by optimizing the results of legal matters, your company gains in efficiency. Early and timely advice limits risk and associated costs.


A deal Maker

I advise my clients with a focus on facilitating their business so that their projects succeed. To do this, I carry out a legal risk/rewards assessment of the situation to inform the next steps and to counsel the business leader.

Should the risk analysis conclude that there is an elevated risk (experience shows that this is rarely the case), then I reflect with the business leader and his teams on the different scenarios to find another solution that delivers the company’s strategy.

My business passion is to find solutions for my client’s business.


Develop a close relationship with my clients

I aim to develop a close relationship with my clients which first of all involves listening to their needs, their expectations and their strategic vision.

I explain the law, regulations and applicable rules and the various solutions together with the risks and rewards in clear, precise but above all accessible language.

Listening and clarity are essential to the relationship of trust that I want to establish with my clients.

Listening, authenticity, integrity and professionalism are the fundamental values that guide my lawyer’s daily practice.